Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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    S02E11: The Power of Digiship

    This week the gang is joined by Logan to try to understand what 02 thinks friendship is and how one walks on water.

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    S02E10: Digi Party

    This week we have a Digi Party as we talk about the first episode in the double digits of this season.

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    S02E09: Digi Shot

    This week 02 is really dark and in Appmon the AI creator teaches kids that AIs are a-okay and nothing to worry about at all.

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    S02E08: Digi Cursed

    This week, this episode is cursed, internet breaking, audio echos, everything. It's cursed, and this was the second try!

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    S02EACEN01: ACEN 2018

    Sooo yeah a near dead Shin Garrett recorded this to make sure there was something out. It goes as well as you may think it does.

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    S02E06: Digi Picnic

    This week Shin Garrett got a break from editing as May joined the group as a guest to talk about the first lesbian episode of 02.

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    S02E05: Digi Punch

    "Alright, so, Eri says it six times in the main episode, plus once more before the credits, and Dokamon says it twice. There, I did it." - Sporky 2018

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