Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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    S01EMSR01: Poetry in Digi

    This week I think wikipedia pages have been edited from recording the episode to release so I can't find some for the show notes...go figure. Besides that this week the Digi Doughnuts were joined by Alex (@ProApocalyptic) to 'review' Music from the Motion Picture Digimon: The Movie.

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    S01EDTM01: It's been a Digi Minute

    This week Sporky didn't give Garrett the time code for what she wanted inserted into the episode, so it isn't there. Other than that this week the Digi Doughnuts were joined by John (@johnny_tpots) of The Minute Podcast (@minutepod) to talk about most of the US Digimon movie and not Summer Wars.

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    S01ESR01: Digi Adventure Recap

    This week the Digi Mimi Fanclub...Mimi Digi Fanclub...something with Digi, Mimi, and Fanclub in the title talk about Adventure as a whole, and some other stuff too! Including special reoccurring guest May from Lost In Translationmon!

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    S01E55: Digi Musical Interlude

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders were busy, so we didn't put out a real episode. Instead, here's a supercut of our spoken word songs.

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    S01E54: It's Raining DigiEggs

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders finish up the end of Adventure. What more is there to say, Adventure we finished it. Go Team.

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    S01E53: Digi Clip Show

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders don't cover up Tri talk with music this week, because it was the most interesting thing to talk about in this episode of clips.

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    S01E52: Digi Playing with Dolls

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders talk about Dolls, and how this episode should have been better than it was.

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    S01E51: Proto Digi Dark Ocean

    This week the Digi Mark Crusaders talk about some Digi Dark Caves and other stuff...like Warframe, which is totally Digimon.

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    S01E50: Digi Cat Fight

    This week the new Girls Digi Battle + Garrett, talk about that one episode of Digimon...with the Cat Fight.

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