Going Digital: A Digimon Rewatch Podcast

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Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.

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  • Episode 176: S08F01: 2020 Strikes Again

    May 12th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  4 mins 22 secs
    digimon, digimon adventure:

    Digimon's haunted, y'all. Pretend I cocked a gun.

  • Episode 171: S08E01: Appmon Season 2

    April 7th, 2020  |  Season 8  |  1 hr 7 mins
    digimon, digimon adventure:

    A guest host reboots alongside Digimon Adventure as Garrett and Fletch decide to dig into the days-old Digimon revival premiere. Bonus: a whole bunch of the two talking trash and toku after the episode!